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Who is the Sexiest Woman in History?

well, who?

The Sexy Historical Women Rating Tournament/Societ
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Have you ever wondered...

If Anais Nin and Charlotte Bronte both asked me out, whom would I choose?

If you have, then lovelybutdead_f is for you.

Periodically, the mod, ohmypersephone will post pictures and brief information about two lovely but dead historical women. It is up to you to vote between the two - who is sexier?

These women can be artists, writers, actresses, great leaders, dictators, villains, scientists, inventors, poets, interior decorators, journalists, or illegitimate daughters of princes.

But remember..
Sexy is not only about looks. It is about personality, about genius, about works, about passion, about fascination.

After the contestants are posted, please comment, bolding your choice. Any comments you have are more than welcome, just not in bold.

As more and more contestants are eliminated, we shall count down to see....

Who is the Sexiest Woman in history?

You yourself are also free to post your own challenges. You can reuse contestants and pit them against new challengers. (you cannot, for obvious reasons, reuse two that have already faced off against each other).

If you do not care for the female persuasion, perhaps you would enjoy our brother community, lovelybutdead_m